Selling My Property

Time to Sell?

2017 has introduced the perfect storm for those waiting for an opportunity to sell their home. Inventory (Homes for Sale) in Illinois is at extreme lows, with buyers lacking options to buy in the most sought-after neighborhoods.

Record-low mortgage rates will benefit sellers in this market more than buyers. Why? More easily accessible credit means buyers can pay more for your property. If you were considering sizing up or just wanting to cash out, there has never been a better time than now.

“[In 2015] home sellers cited that they sold their homes for a median of $40,000 more than they purchased.” – National Association of REALTORS®

Selling Environment

High Demand

How to get the most for your home

In a selling situation, the main goal of any real estate broker should be to get you the best sale price for you home in a secure and speedy transaction.

The way you get a higher price is simple: Receive more offers.

How do you receive more offers? More exposure.

Cloud Realty gets the most exposure for your home with our digitally-focused marketing plan.

Our market-savvy agents will help you price your home to get the most inquiries, but also will put you in a strong negotiating position. Our agents will guide you strategically through the offer process to put you in the best path for success.

Digitally-Focused Marketing Plan

“For 42 percent of recent buyers, the first step that they took in the home buying process was to look online at properties for sale… Online websites were seen as a very useful information source at 82 percent.” – National Association of REALTORS®

Our strategy is tailored for the Digital Age. In order to capture the attention of a large segment of home shoppers we have crafted an optimized marketing plan.

browsing properties for sale

Age of Home Buyers - %

  • Silent Generation
  • Older Boomers
  • Younger Boomers
  • Generation X
  • Millenials

Source: National Association of Realtors – March 9, 2016

Step 1: Build marketing assets that outshine the competition. At the expense of Cloud Realty.

When a potential buyer looks to buy a luxury home, they expect all the trappings of a luxury experience. For the same reason you expect shiny packaging and a sturdy bag at a high-end department store, buyers expect the whole nine-yards from the real estate brokerage. To pay a premium, they expect a premium experience. These items include:

  1. Impeccably captured photos of living space staged with the best furnishings.
  2. A 3D floorplan and walk-through before they commit to a showing.
  3. A compelling story when reading a listing brochure and property details that emphasize the best qualities of your home.
  4. A website with interactive elements and high resolution photography.
  5. The ability to schedule a showing or sign-up for an open house directly on the website.

“Among buyers who used the Internet during their home search, 87 percent of buyers found photos and 84 percent found detailed information about the properties for sale very useful.” -National Association of REALTORS®

Step 2: Reach a targeted audience.

We will target specific demographics and locations using our digital-advertising platform. We will promote your listing directly to people of a certain income bracket or neighborhood. These ads will show up in their social media feeds alongside the other content to view on a daily basis.

  1. Featured the property on the front page of the website, which is where most of our traffic is directed.
  2. Email list of thousands of recent buyer leads generated on our website.
  3. Promote the property on social media to an audience of likely buyers.
  4. Use web display ads on sites visited by our audience of over 10,000 website visitors.
  5. Promote the property on all of the most trafficked real estate sites such as Zillow/Trulia.
  6. List the property on the MLS to reach most REALTORS® in the Midwest Region.
  7. Optional promotion on real estate sections of print and online news such as DNAinfo.
  8. Direct mail campaign promoting your listing’s website and open houses.
  9. Open houses will increase activity and attract nearby buyers.

Step 3: Contact and close.

The most crucial part of selling a property is the follow up and negotiation.

  1. The agent will attend and track all inquiries and showings on your property.
  2. He/She will provide you (the seller) with a weekly report of all activity related to your property.
  3. The agent will collect all potential buyers and open house attendees in one consolidated database.
  4. All the open house attendees and interested buyers will be contacted to build a pipeline of enticed buyers.
  5. Your agent will present all offers to you as they arrive.
  6. Your agent will help you weigh all offers and create a winning strategy to get the most for your home up to the final close.

A Cloud Realty Agent Can Help

Our agent’ can provide a Comparative Market Analysis of your property and help determine the right market price and strategy to get the most for your place when you decide to sell.

The advice is free and the service is unmatched.

If you have owned for several years or more you could be sitting on a great opportunity to cash out a profit while the market is still primed for sellers.

The demand for property in many areas of Chicago is out-pacing supply. Position yourself for profit with Cloud Realty. We know Chicago real estate and so will you.

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