New Construction

Live in a brand new house or condo.

Customize or Build

With Cloud Realty you don’t need to go it alone. We will run through all the numbers and deliver a viable plan for new construction or renovation.

Many neighborhoods in Chicago are growing by leaps and bounds. Whether you plan to sell, rent, or live in your new construction, you need a game plan.

  • Find Lot

    We aggregate all the real estate data and run live formulas to identify the best opportunities. Find the ideal lot with the right zoning.

  • Structure & Design

    Work with the best designers and architects to build your or someone else’s dream home. Take into account market trends.

  • Construction Financing

    Estimate costs and get the right construction loan for your project. Our pro-forma will take into account most expenses.

  • Contractor Bid

    Get three contractor bids on your project. Choose the builder with the right experience for your type of construction. Leave plenty of room for profit.

  • Market or Move-In

    We can sell your property or you can move-in. You’re the king/queen of the castle and you call the shots.

New Construction Market

New Construction Data

The following data reports on the current MLS listings or recently finished and soon-to-be finished construction that is available for sale. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all home building in Chicago. For more complete data please contact a Cloud Realty agent.

Where to build?

As our map demonstrates, Avondale, Logan Square, Lincoln Park, and West Loop are by far the most active markets for new construction. This comes to no surprise as these areas have seen some of the biggest increases in activity city-wide.

Our technology also shows average listing price for new construction homes. Get a feel for the market by searching for properties on our website with attention to this data and calculate your possible profit.

Build where the demand is and let market trends work in your favor. Ask a Cloud Realty agent to find your next home or development.

Ask about construction/rehab in Chicago